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The Best Dog Bed & Crate Sale

Dogs are one of the most loved pets of humans. No matter how we resist on the idea of our kids to have dogs at home, the charm and calmness that these pets bring is just irresistible. Dogs can


help us to relax and unwind after a tiring day. For some pet owners, dogs are more than just their pets, they are also considered as their loyal companion and own source of joy and happiness.

Providing Your Pet’s Needs

Dogs are considered as man’s bestfriend because of the different kind of loyalty that they give to their owners. They do not intend to hurt or leave their human ‘masters’ because of a different connection that they have with humans.

Taking care of your pets also takes time and responsibility out of your personal obligations at home and to your family. Once you accepted the idea of having a pet at home, you should also be aware of their personal and emotional needs in order to establish a more cordial relation with them. You should not only provide their meals on a regular basis but just like humans they also need a comfortable place to sleep and a shelter that belongs to them.

The Place Where the Dog Bed Should be Placed

You should also consider the place where your dog bed will be situated. Do not just put it on a corner or a free space without considering the comfort of your pet.Always provide an ample space where you can bring the dog bed without any disturbance or hassle on the walking or roaming around space of your family members.

The Color

Some home owners want their dog bed to also complete the interior paint and design of their house, also they might want the color to match their crate. If you are one of them, then color is another important factor that you need to consider. You can choose from the wide array of colors available in the market. Just make sure that you will not put aside the materials used in order to provide your pet with safety and comfort.

Choosing the Right Dog Bed

Dog beds come in different shapes and sizes. You can choose from the different materials used in order to form their cushion and sheet. It is very important for you to choose the right dog bed saleas this can also help your pets to boost their good mood and proper energy for physical activities.If you want to find the best dog bed sale, you should always consider the comfort and security it brings to your pet more than anything that you need to put on top of your buying priorities.

Size does Matter

The size of your dog bed should depend on the size of your pet. You should always provide allowance on its sides in order to let your pet move freely while sleeping. Choosing a larger dog bed can also help you to use them for longer period of time until such time your pet is too large on its bed.


Degus Fighting

I’ve got a couple of Degus named Dave and Steve.

Degus fight. Its used to establish dominance, set the social hierarchy, and express dislike. This behaviour is normal among all species, and is present in the cage as much as it would be in the wild,


possibly even more as their is less territory to control and more (sexual) frustration. On 99% of occasions you should do nothing and leave them to it, as interfering would only harm proceedings and cause more fighting. It is only when things get serious you should break them apart. Degus will tend to fight more during the breeding season, which is winter-spring time, as the breeding hormones cause a greater need for dominance.

Most fighting will be non-serious, where they are establishing the social hierarchy by displaying dominant behaviour over each other. This can include chasing each other around the cage, squeaking at each other, mounting each other so the one below becomes submissive and the one on top dominant, and standing on the hind legs and ‘boxing’. This is normal behaviour and nothing to worry about, and you should not intervene as it will only set them back a stage and make them fight more. These fights are fought in a way as to not cause injury, just a bit of friendly rough and tumble. Fighting can also occur when there are limited resources to share such as food and treats, with Degus showing such behaviour as turning their backs, blocking access to the food bowls and treats, and loud squeaking to warn them away, so great care must be taken to ensure everything is equal and is placed far enough apart for the Degus to see there are 2 (or more) separate areas without coming into too much contact with each other. According to – The food bowls should be 10cm apart.

You should only step in and separate them when there is biting and lunging at each other which causes wounds, and when they become locked in a ball rolling around. This is serious fighting, and can cause injury, as both Degus are unwilling to back down and fight to the death. Any injuries sustained during these fights should be checked by a Vet, including any observable changes in behaviour or discomfort. Remember, a Degu can not speak and tell you they need treatment, so it is up to you as a good owner to ensure their health and well-being takes priority. If you do need to separate them, it may be hard to introduce them back together, and may need to be kept separate for a few weeks before being able to be reunited. Our new introductions guide gives some tips on how to re-introduce our pets, including ensuring the cage is neutral (fully cleaned so it does not smell of one Degu more than another) and the Degus first reunion is in a neutral setting where they can be monitored without escape (such as a dry bath tub).


Car Maintenance Costs

I would like to say that it’s fair to say that there are quite a few motorists out there who are not really aware of how the breakdown of vehicle repair costs. If you fall into this category, it might be wise to take a closer look at maintenance costs rather than remaining blissfully ignorant. Once you get up to speed, you will see that there are many ways y

brake pads

ou can reduce costs considerably – i.e. You can save a lot of money.


Did you know that poor alignment of vehicle wheels is one of the major contributing factors to escalated auto maintenance and repair costs? If you think that wheels are just wheels, and that they are attached to the vehicle and go round and round when the car is in motion, you could not be more wrong! In fact, errors in the alignment of car wheels can have a massively adverse effect on maintenance costs. For a start, poorly aligned wheels may cause the car to consume more gas. Furthermore, over time, faulty alignment can cause tires to wear out prematurely, and also lead to faults developing relating to the car’s steering column. Even when the auto appears to be running well, it pays to get the alignment of the wheels checked every time the vehicle goes in for a service. Having your car’s wheels aligned costs between $50 and $95 on average, so there really is no excuse not to get this procedure done.

Tinting of car windows sometimes seen as an unnecessary, even ostentatious embellishment. Cost-conscious drivers see no reason to spend good money on what they see as an affectation. However, the bad news is that standard car windows allow damaging UV light to degrade the upholstery and other fixtures and fittings of the car interior. Day in, day out exposure to the full impact of the sun’s rays WILL gradually ruin leather seats and other surfaces inside your car. If you allow the sun to degrade the value of your car in this way, you will pay the penalty when you attempt to sell the vehicle. This is where fitting tinted windows is an excellent way to protect the value of your investment and according to this site, the average price is from $150 to $250.

If you really think of the cost of motoring being the initial purchase price of the vehicle combined with all subsequent maintenance and repair costs, it should quickly become obvious that it makes sense to get the best deal you can at the time of purchasing a new auto. You shouldn’t just sign on the dotted line for the first car finance offer you come across. Instead, you should subject all possible financing deals to close scrutiny in order to identify the one that offers you the best value overall. Do the calculations yourself and see if offers like 0% financing are actually more cost efficient for your situation.

Wind shield that Needs Replacement

If your car wind shield shatters at the wrong place and time, it could lead to an accident. That would not only be potentially dangerous but could also mean your car would require substantial and costly repairs in the aftermath. Rather than ignoring minor wind shield flaws and faults, it pays to replace your auto wind shield as soon as you detect any flaw, however minor according to Wind shield Replacement Cost Data. Doing so will not only reduce the risk of a catastrophic wind shield failure which compromises your safety, but will also guarantee that over-eager police officers will be able to find nothing wrong with your vehicle if they target you for a spot check.

If you do not keep a close eye on the state of the paint on your car, you could pay one hell of a heavy price down the line if serious rust is allowed to develop unchecked. It pays to inspect the paint regularly, and with a keen eye for even minor flaws, in order to stop rust in its tracks. Minor paint blemishes can be touched up where necessary, but at some point a new paint job could be just what the doctor ordered for your car. The average car paint job cost is around $300 for a low-cost chain such as Macro.

A vehicle’s brake pads are sometimes thought of as an aspect of vehicle maintenance to try to save money on. This could not be further from the truth as the cost of new brake pads and their installation is not that expensive (average of $160 per axle) and brake pads are absolutely imperative to the safety of you, your passengers and the drivers around you. Another thing to take into account is that the brake pads costs is highly dependent on brake materials used and the quality of the components.  As with the alignment of the car’s wheels, it pays to get the mechanic to run a check on the brake pads every time the vehicle goes in for a routine service. Prevention is always cheaper than cure!

Changing Engine Oil

Oil change coupons are an often-overlooked route to major car maintenance savings. Unfortunately, many drivers are very lazy, and the opportunity to save a few bucks is disregarded time and time again. However, a few bucks here and a few bucks there soon add up to quite a tidy sum of money! This is why canny drivers tend to scour the internet for resources like this website and newspapers for money-saving oil change coupons.

To be fair, when transmission failure hits, it could be time to write off your car. The cost of repairing broken transmission tends to be very expensive and in some cases it could be in excess of the value of the auto. In order to avoid this problem, it is wise to keep a very close eye on the state of the transmission. This is one of the vital details that should be checked each and every time the vehicle gets a service. Has a comprehensive overview of the repair procedure and a breakdown of the costs to rebuild, replace and repair a transmission.

By attending to all the above matters in a diligent fashion, car owners stand to win big in reducing their motoring costs.

brake pads
brake pads
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breeding hamsters

Breeding hamsters


Breeding hamsters comes with a lot of responsibility and time. You need to have plans set up ahead of time for what will happen to all the pups that you do not plan on keeping. Syrian hamsters can have from a few to well over 10 pups at a time. Dwarves have fewer but can still average from around 4 up to 14. The gestation of a Syrian is about 16 days give or take a day and Dwarves averaging 21 with the exception of the “rob” who is pregnant up to 30. Both species of hamsters have about the same rules when it comes to breeding with one big difference. Syrian hamsters only ever come together to mate and then need have to be separated. Dwarf hamsters the male can stay with the female throughout pregnancy but needs to be removed right before birth or they

will mate again right after the birth. Female hamsters can breed as young as 3 weeks but that is way to young you need to wait until a female is between 4-6 months old for the first breeding. Breeding a female for the first time after 6 months can result in complications in the pregnancy and birth. Also a female hamster needs between 3-4 months in-between each pregnancy. They go sterile around 12-14 months so to breed more than 3 litters can be pushing the mothers health and the stress to her. A male hamster can begin to breed at 2-3 months and remains fertile throughout most of his life. On to mating hamsters, Syrian hamsters can only be together to mate and should be introduced on netural ground or in the male’s cage. A female goes into heat about every 4 days and this is when mating should occur because any other time the female will not want the male around and fighting will happen. If the female accepts the male mating should last around 20 minutes. And they should be left undisturbed just keep watch that no fighting breaks out. Dwarf hamsters can live in “colonies” or groups but letting mixed sexed hamsters live together will result in massive breeding and a over load of hamsters. This is not good on the female hamster for stress reasons and her health.


The birth of pups usually happens during the night. The female will have short peroids during the birth of each pup and she needs to be left alone. A healthy female will have no problems giving birth but if she seems distressed or has gone days over her due date vet help should be sought. After birth high protein foods are good to give the mother, things like scrambled eggs, bread soaked in milk and meal worms.


When the pups are born they will be small, pink and hairless. The eyes begin to open around 10-12 days and around 7 days they will start to show signs of hair growth. One of the most important things to remember is this, with pups you can not touch them or bother them in any way. If one wonders off the mother will get it back into the nest. If you do touch them you run the risk of the upsetting the mother and getting your scent on the pups which will stress the mother make her think the pups are being threatened and she will kill them as a form of protecting them. The only handling of the pups can be done at 14 days old and start with short periods of time in holding them. At this age the water bottle can be lowered for them and extra food put in the cage for them. At 3 weeks of age they need to be seperated into male and female cages to prevent premature breeding. And they should live this way for another 2-3 weeks until they are old enough to go to their new homes or put in their own cage at 5-6 weeks.

Orphaned Pups

Orphaned pups are hamster babies that have been abandoned by the mother either by death or escape.

The first things you will need are:

  • Kitten replacement milk
  • Eye dropper
  • Heating Pad
  • Extra bedding/unscented toilet paper.

The success rate of saving pups depends on the age of the pups.The older they are the better the chance. If the pups are 12 days or younger,As soon as you notice the mother is gone you need to get extra bedding in the cage to cover the pups and help to keep them warm. A heating pad on low placed under the cage will help to also work well in keeping them warm. Using a heat lamp(reptiles)is too strong of a heat source and hamsters are nocturnal so the bright lighting will not be appreciated by the hamsters. Feeding hamster pups is an around the clock job.It has to be done every 2 hours all day and all through the night.To feed the pups make sure the milk is at room temperature and feed .5-1 ml every 2 hours.It is important to make sure the milk does not get into their noses as it will get into their lungs and drown them. The amount will vary on how much each pup consumes as they are all different.

For hamster pups 12 days and older,you need to feed them the milk but you can start offering little pieces of apple and hamster food mix. Also drop the water bottle into reaching distance of the pups and they can start to learn about the water bottle. At 14 days old or when they are eating food and drinking from the water bottle the milk feeding can stop. It’s  very important to remember after feeding each pup you have to stimulate them to use the bathroom. To do this take a soft,moist,warm cloth and gently rub the hamster pups genitals to make them go. They can not go alone the mother would have stimulated them in the same way and if you do not do this the pups will retain the waste and die.

breeding hamsters
breeding hamsters
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dwarf hamster cages

Hamster Cage Guide

What type of hamster home is best for your new Hamster

It really is dependent on what type of hamster you have but here are some good rules and tips to follow.

Modular Hamster Habitats

Crittertrail and Habitrails type cages are expandable options for your hamster which come with a huge

dwarf hamster cages

variety of add-ons such as hamster tubes. They will help you create the perfect hamster habitat. They are however, more difficult to clean and they have not a great ventilation source. Newer designs of these types of cage can feature newer features such as some metal bars on the top part of the cage. The great thing about modular habitats is that you can add to them progressively as your hamster gets larger and needs more room. Syrian and Dwarf hamsters thrive in wide open spaces so you should not use modular cages as their sole habitat.

Glass Aquariums and Fish Tanks

Fish tanks and Aquariums offer fantastic visibility for hamsters and allow you to see your pet hamsters very clearly and easily. Another great advantage to this type of hamster home is that you can give them a huge layer or thick substrate which your hamster will enjoy fantastical because they are burrowing animals and you will not need to worry about them kicking it out of the cage which bar type cages can give you. These types of hamster home do not offer great ventilation which other types might provide and you will probably need to create a DIY tank topper made of mesh in order to allow air flow. These types of hamster cage are usually very high so you don’t need to worry about them escaping through the top unless you have a large Syrian hamster which are excellent at escaping. Dwarf hamsters are not great climbers and generally cannot escape though high areas. If you have predatory pets such as cats or dogs, you must make a very strong tank topper.

Traditional bar Cages

The most popular and traditional type of hamster cage is the wire-bar cage. They typically have a plastic removable tray at the bottom covered with a top of wire bars. They offer the greatest ventilation possible for your pet hamsters and they are great for your hamsters to climb up the bars for exercise. They are the most basic and cheap type of cage available. Sometimes the plastic tray on these hamster cages can be too shallow thus allowing your hamsters to dig and kick bedding/substrate onto your carpet making a mess. You can buy some good hamster cages at BestHamsterCage – Some hamsters, especially Syrian hamsters love to chew the bars of bar-type cages. If your hamster is living in your bedroom this might be a problem due to disturbance of your sleep at night time. Another thing to think about is that the cage bars might rust when your hamster bites on the bars because their saliva might react with the metal.

Hamster Tubes

Hamster cages can be linked up with hamster tubes which will give your hamster fantastic variety.

syrian hamster cage


Hamster Life Span and Health

A typical hamster life span is usually between 1 1/2 to 3.5 years. So what’s the best way to keep your pet healthy during the time that you have him (or her)? Here are some tips and suggestion

hamster life span
hamster life span

First, if you have not yet chosen your pet, then make sure you start out in the right direction by choosing a healthy hamster at the beginning. Look for a pet that is lively and curious, and that comes from a clean environment and is surrounded by other healthy hamsters. This increases the probability of a longer life for your pet.

Next, make sure you provide your pet hamster with plenty of fresh, clean water and fresh nutritious food. Provide a water bottle that hangs from the side of the cage. Dishes or bowls of water can be easily tipped over and make the bottom of the cage wet, which is not a healthy environment for your hamster.

Also make sure that you pick up all of the uneaten food on a daily basis, and change the bedding often so that your hamster has a nice clean home to live in.

In the wild, dwarf hamsters eat a lot of different kinds of foods like grains, seeds, berries, fruit, vegetables and even insects and worms (which are a good source of protein). So they need a diet that replicates that kind of variety in order to get the right balance of healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

But there are some foods that should absolutely be avoided, like chocolate, raw potatoes and anything with sugar in it. You have to be especially careful about the sugar. Diabetes is starting to show up in some of the dwarf hamster breeds, and it could be from the manufactured hamster “treats” (like yogurt drops) that are sold in pet stores. So if you buy hamster food or treats from pet stores, read the labels and make sure they do not contain sugar.

Last, pet hamsters need to have a way to exercise on a daily basis. In the wild, their natural routine is to hunt for food every night covering a large territory. And they also are very active digging tunnels to live in and store their food in. But in captivity, they live in small cages that don’t allow for that kind of activity.

So the best way to provide exercise for them is to furnish their cages with tubes that they can crawl around in and toys that they can climb on. Even something as simple as cardboard tubes from toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls can provide your pet hamsters with lots of enjoyable activity.