All About Dog Crates in 2017 – An Essential Guide

How do you use a dog crate? Don’t know how to pick the best one for your dog? You will need answers to these questions before you can buy a large dog crate.

Introduction to Dog Crates and Large Dogs


A large dog can be very destructive especially when they are young and don’t understand or know the boundaries in your home, one way to protect your home from a large dog is using the crate training technique. Online, there are wooden dog crates offer excellent places for your pet to live that doesn’t interfere with your home decor! With a large dog crate you will be able to create your dog’s space, a bit like his sanctuary, somewhere he can go to sleep when tired and also where he will be when you sleep, or you are going out.

One question I get asked a lot is ‘is it cruel to lock a dog in a dog crate?’ If you take into consideration that dogs are ‘den’ animals, then the answer is clearly no, Look at where they want to spend most of their sleep and relaxation time – under the furniture, away in the corner of a place. In the wild – foxes and wolves are known to dig holes to hide away.

You will only need the crate for 12 months. By then your dog will like his crate so you can continue to use if you choose, if not you will need to wean him away from the dog crate slowly.

As you have the large dog you will need a large dog crate; you will see plastic ones around, but they are mostly used for transporting your dog.

You need one that is very sturdy; most are made of durable metallic plastic coated wiring. My personal favorite is the Midwest Starter Series Pet Crate, a little bit more expensive than some other crates but comes with lots of room for your dog and constructed of a durable black Electra-Coat finish and is large enough for a St. Bernard.

dog crates

Midwest Crates

Midwest Life Stages Single-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate comes in a variety of sizes with the largest measuring 48 Inches by 30 Inches by 33 Inches. The Midwest Life Stages Folding Dog Crate cuts house training time in half and also helps to reduces behavioral problems, whether your beginning training with a new puppy or starting again with an adult dog.

If you are using dog crate for general containment in the home, then you will find that an open wire meshed design is going to be better because it allows the dog to see everything clearly, without any barriers blocking his view. The Midwest Life gives this advantage – allowing a dog to see his family and the world around him while safely inside the crate.

Looking at the specifics of the Midwest Crate, it is made from metal construction and comes with a plastic tray that slides through the bottom of the crate, to catch waste. The Midwest Life Crate also comes with a divider, making it ideal for when you have multiple dogs or when you have a puppy. The Dog Crate has everything you need to be successful at raising your dog in a dog crate environment.

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