What type of hamster cage is best for your new Hamster is a question asked by many prospective pet owners. It is dependent on what kind of hamster you have but here are some rules and tips to follow.


Modular Hamster Habitats / Cages with Sections

Crittertrail and Habitrails type cages are expandable options for your hamster which come with a huge variety of add-ons such as hamster tubes. They will help you create the perfect hamster habitat. They are, however, harder to clean and they have not an excellent ventilation source.

Newer designs of these types of hamster cage can feature more original features such as some metal bars on the top part of the cage. The great thing about modular habitats is that you can add to them progressively as your hamster gets larger and needs more room. Syrian and Dwarf hamsters thrive in wide open spaces so you should not use modular cages as their habitat.

Glass Aquariums and Fish Tanks



Fish Tanks and Aquariums offer fantastic visibility for hamsters and allow you to see your pet hamsters very clearly and quickly. Another great advantage to this type of hamster home is that you can give them a huge layer or thick substrate which your hamster will enjoy fantastical because they are burrowing animals and you will not need to worry about them kicking it out of the cage which bar type enclosures can give you. The hamster heaven cage is one of the best hamster cages you can purchase today, especially for Syrian Hamsters!

These types of hamster home do not offer excellent ventilation which other kinds might provide, and you will probably need to create a DIY tank topper made of mesh to allow air flow. These types of hamster cage are usually very high, so you do not need to worry about them escaping through the top unless you have a large Syrian hamster which is excellent at escaping. Dwarf hamsters are not great climbers and generally cannot escape through high areas. If you have predatory pets such as cats or dogs, you must make an unyielding tank topper.

Traditional bar Cages


The most popular and traditional type of hamster cage is the wire-bar cage. Cages typically have a removable plastic tray at the bottom covered with a top of wire bars. They offer the greatest ventilation possible for your pet hamsters, and they are perfect for your hamsters to climb the bars for exercise. They are the most basic and cheap type of cage available. Sometimes the plastic tray on these hamster cages can be too shallow thus allowing your hamsters to dig and kick bedding/substrate onto your carpet making a mess.

You can buy some good hamster cages at BestHamsterCage.com, Some hamsters, especially Syrian hamsters, love to chew the bars of bar-type cages. If your hamster is living in your bedroom, this might be a problem due to disturbance of your sleep at night time. Another thing to think about is that the cage bars might rust when your hamster bites on the bars because their saliva might react with the metal.

Hamster Tubes and Tunnels

Hamster cages can be linked up with hamster tubes which will give your fantastic hamster variety.